4 Of The Best Free Product Trials You Won’t Want To Miss (June 2022)

Not a sponsored post, I just really really like free things.

Alexandra Walker-Jones
6 min readJun 22, 2022


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Who doesn’t like free things? Don’t get me wrong, while I enjoy the process of spending money (hello delicious dopamine hit to the brain!), there’s just something about free things — especially when they’re being hand delivered to your front door — that feels especially great.

Free food tastes better, free clothing fits better (seems to last longer too), and free beauty products have a certain way of making the skin glow. So, when it occurred to me to spend last week’s bank holiday researching whether or not there were things out there I could easily get for free, I was all in.

*Before we dive into the free trials I tested out, please note that I am UK-based and although I suspect many, if not all, of the following offers are also available in the US, I can’t guarantee anything.

Free wine (+ paid delivery) — Wine52.com

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Estimated worth: £32 or $40

What you get: With a free one-month subscription to Wine52, you’ll receive a case of 3 different wines from a particular region of the world which changes month to month), along with two small snacks, a discount voucher for a friend, and their (truly) insightful beautifully-designed brand magazine.

What I actually paid: This freebie does require a paid delivery fee as the company ships from Scotland. My total was £5.95 for shipping to London.

Cancellation terms and conditions: You can cancel your subscription with Wine52 after just 24 hours of placing your first free order, but you must give cancellation notice at least 3 working days before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged. In order to cancel, they do require you to call the company and speak to a real human who might try to convince you to stay — but said human was plenty friendly, and a pleasure to speak to.

Final thoughts: This company is really cool. Not only are the wines I received so far from what you…



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