Where are the peer-reviewed research papers when I need them the most?!

Hiya! My name is Alexandra Walker-Jones.

You know, people aren’t half kidding when they say it’s ridiculously difficult to write about oneself! Where to begin? What to include? And how to be first and foremost authentic when my job is usually to be creative?

“I am irritated by my own…

How all learnings about the use of medicinal plants first began

‘Trial, error, and success’ is a method of learning and problem-solving that provides knowledge through experimentation and empirical observation of the natural world.

Despite being practiced widely and with expert accuracy within indigenous cultures all over the world, the value of ‘trial, error, and success (TES)’ is often overlooked within…

Based on new research findings by scientists at the University of Nottingham published last week

“The initial success of mass vaccination against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) to prevent or ameliorate the severe effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been marred by the continual emergence of new variants that are more infectious or virulent than the original SARS-CoV-2 isolate, and are able…

Findings on nutrition and diet from scientific research and the longest living village on earth

You may recognize amino acids as the essential building blocks of protein, but did you know they also play a highly protective role when it comes to the ability to healthily and happily age?

In fact, numerous research studies show that one amino acid — known as L-serine — is…

From the value of empirical data, to the importance of technology in the conservation of knowledge — and everything in between

A month or so ago I had to pleasure of having a conversation with the highly acclaimed, world-renowned ethnobotanist, Dr. Michael Jeffrey Balick.

Mike — as he now let’s me call him — is a wonderful person with some highly valuable insights that I feel highly privileged to share. …

It’s all about that side-to-side

Sounds like click-bait right?

That’s what alot of neuroscientists believed at first... I mean, how could something as simple as moving the eyes be responsible for silencing an onslaught of anxious and stressed thoughts?

But you’ll see, it makes a lot of sense once you understand some of the basic…

Alexandra Walker-Jones

Content writer and published author in the plant-based health and wellness sphere. I’m just here to learn! awalkerjones.com

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