Where are the peer-reviewed research papers when I need them the most?!

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Dad, this one’s for you (MWC 2021)

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If only my fridge and freezer were big enough for all of them

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Hint: it never involved putting a condom on a banana

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Why moral high ground can only really be found in the middle of the road

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For the times when self-love is just slightly too much to ask

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Maybe you’ll find some precious value in them too

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Here are 5 Poems That Changed My Perspective On Life, Death, Sexuality, And Everything In Between:


Restriction and sacrifice? More like fake chicken and cheezy rice!

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Featuring the latest in scientific research on nutrition, well-being, and prevention of chronic disease

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The one quality with the power to transcend rhyme, reason, astrological sign, background, attachment style, and all the above

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Alexandra Walker-Jones

Freelance writer and published author with an international background in psychology, nutrition, and creative writing. I’m just here to learn! awalkerjones.com

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