Hey Julia! Thank you for your thoughtful comment, I read through it a handful of times and really appreciate the perspective you offered.

You are completely right that this list may be non-applicable to a wide range of people, however, I question to what extent the onus of commen sense is on us the writers, versus the readers and consumers of the information.

You seem incredible well informed and researched on your own diet and what works best for your body, enough so that you can immediately recognize what is, and is not, a useful inclusion on your list of foods to consume daily. In this sense, I don't necessarily feel as though people need reminding that this article should be taken with a grain of salt and, indeed, adapted to the individual.

Writers (I believe rightfully) don't feel oblidged to include these type of disclaimers on posts of similar subjects such as "5 ways to boost productivity" or "10 reasons to drink coffee" when obviously there may be items on those lists that are harmful depending on the individual's circumstance. I would compare it to being lactose intolerant and taking issue with a post suggesting the best dairy product to keep in your fridge.

With that said, I am ultimately happy to include a disclaimer if you feel like it's something that my readers would find helpful. Thanks again for your suggestion and I'd be interested to hear any further thoughts!



Content writer and published author in the plant-based health and wellness sphere. I’m just here to learn! awalkerjones.com

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