Hi Arlene, thanks for your comment! I imagine looking at a lot of the vegan recipes out there and trying to adapt them to be soy/gluten free/spice can be a bit of head scratcher!

Personally, I'm the same as you and like to focus on the plain (vegetable-tasting) vegetables as opposed to cover up that flavour. I also rely on a lot of pasta made from other beans like chickpeas or red lentils, and grains such as polenta, quinoa, wild rice, or amaranth which have amazing benefits surpassing wheat anyway.

Butter is probably the easier swap as most vegan butters are indistiguisnable from the real thing! Maybe test out a few in a blind taste test :)

Giving up eggs is certainly a noticeable difference - especially without the help of herbs and spices like my breakfast omelette featured above used - so you're using the right word when you call it an adjustment. With that said, I've made an eggs benedict using gluten-free toast and polenta (corn meal) as well as depend on a lot of tofu to get that same eggy texture!

I have a habit of using the internet versus cookbooks for my recipes, so I don't have any in particular in mind but I found a link to website that might be helpful: https://ordinaryvegan.net/veganguide/

All the best and thanks again,




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