I Followed Tim Denning’s Advice And Turned My Articles Into An 20,000 Word E-Book

It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done

Alexandra Walker-Jones


I swear Tim Denning’s article have their own gravitational force. Try as I might to focus on smaller authors and avoid 99% of what the internet deems, ‘writing advice,’ I somehow always find myself pulled into an article by Tim Denning.

But he is having his moment (moments?) and I’m more than happy to let him. Moreover, I actually followed his wisdom this time — and I’m 14 chapters and 20,000 words heavier because of it.

Also, did I mention that it only took 3 days?

Although Tim published it back in January of this year, it wasn’t until just a week ago that I fell into the gravity of an article titled, “This Is Exactly How I Made an Extra $5,000 Writing in the Last 30 Days.”

The article is good — as always. Tim Denning knows his stuff, and I appreciate that he’s willing to share it with the rest of us. In the article, he boils his advice on writing an e-book down to these key points:

  • Choose a topic
  • Spend exactly one day writing
  • Edit the eBook
  • Have a proper illustrator create your cover
  • Format the eBook
  • Set up a single page to sell your eBook
  • Promote the eBook

Now, one of the ways you can tell this is good advice is that Tim only suggests spending one exact day writing your e-book.

Not only does this give readers the ‘no-excuse’ kick up the arse to get a move on with their writing and block off a single day — but truth be told, having a completed e-book on your hands even when you’ve been writing for three, is such a reward in and of itself, that you don’t really have anything to hold against Tim over here.

While I’m currently around about step 4 and 5 of Tim Denning’s advice as I seek out a quality illustrator to make my cover and continue to play around with the formatting, the knowledge that I could potentially write another 3 or 4 e-books within the time it takes to design a cover for 1 feels a whole lot like a superpower.



Alexandra Walker-Jones

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