I Followed Tim Denning’s Advice And Turned My Articles Into An 27,000* Word E-Book (Part 2)

It only took me 2 years to get around to getting it published…but it’s officially here!

Alexandra Walker-Jones


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May 2021, I published this short article that amassed over 5k claps and 3,600 views — and even a comment of approval from Mr. Tim Denning himself. I’ve quoted it just below, but do feel free to skip past it, should you be more interested in my latest update!

I swear Tim Denning’s articles have their own gravitational force. Try as I might to focus on smaller authors and avoid 99% of what the internet deems, ‘writing advice,’ I somehow always find myself pulled into an article by Tim Denning.

But he is having his moment (moments?) and I’m more than happy to let him. Moreover, I actually followed his wisdom this time — and I’m 14 chapters and 20,000 words heavier because of it.

Also, did I mention that it only took 3 days?

Although Tim published it back in January of this year, it wasn’t until just a week ago that I fell into the gravity of an article titled, “This Is Exactly How I Made an Extra $5,000 Writing in the Last 30 Days.”

The article is good — as always. Tim Denning knows his stuff, and I appreciate that he’s willing to share it with the rest of us. In the article, he boils his advice on writing an e-book down to these key points:

Choose a topic

Spend exactly one day writing

Edit the eBook

Have a proper illustrator create your cover (*Edit: I actually designed it all by myself in the end)

Format the eBook

Set up a page to sell your eBook

Promote the eBook

Now, one of the ways you can tell this is good advice is that Tim only suggests spending one exact day writing your e-book.

Not only does this give readers the ‘no-excuse’ kick up the arse to get a move on with their writing and block off a single day — but truth be told, having a completed e-book on your hands even when you’ve been writing for three, is such a reward in and of itself, that you don’t really have…



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