The Importance of a Good Compliment

Make friends, charm strangers, and learn to focus more on the beautiful things in life

Alexandra Walker-Jones


Photo by Anj Belcina on Unsplash

Think of the best compliment you’ve ever received. Maybe an ex boyfriend once told you that the way you looked first thing in the morning — all puffy-eyed, messy-haired, and covered in sleep — was the purest sight in the world.

Maybe an old school teacher gave you the confidence to pursue your dream career after she praised your abilities to overcome obstacles and work creatively, or independently, or both.

Maybe your favourite thing about yourself started as a conversation with a friendly neighbor, who, upon appreciating your candid remarks about the state of the US government, complimented you on your natural charisma.

Point is — we all have our catalogue of prized compliments, a mental checklist of the qualities we, and others, seem to like about us, most. What may have, at the time, been an offhanded verbal admission of admiration from a stranger, might be the precise thing that you hold dear about yourself, years down the line, during a particular rough patch of this journey we call life.

Whether we care to admit it or not, the way that people see us, often plays a huge role in how we carry ourselves, express our thoughts, and go about our day-to-day lives.

That’s all very normal, we are social creatures after all, and there’s a certain level of necessary cross-referencing that must be done between the ‘us’ in our own head, and the ‘us’ that the outside world sees. The trouble with all that? How the hell are we supposed to know what people think of us?

Unfortunately, this article isn’t going to address that question directly. Instead, it’s going to take a ‘be the change you wish to see’ type of turn, and analyze the effects of being the giver of a good compliment, not the receiver.

Think of the best compliment you’ve ever given.

Does…anything….come… to mind…or…? Yup. Me too.

Truth be told, I have absolutely no idea what the best compliment I’ve ever given is.

Further than an issue of faulty recall, this task is made impossible by the fact that we aren’t, as givers…



Alexandra Walker-Jones

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