This might be my favourite article to have ever read on this brilliant website. Not only did it make me laugh out loud and look forward to reading more of your writing, but it resonated significantly with me.

I think you hit the nail on the head in naming the value in chaotic thinking, and it's largely the system that I believe suits me best also. Gone are the days where I will try to fit my writing process into someone else's box.

I also highlighted your wonderful sentence about googling words (or general curiosities I have). I probably do this 10+ times per day and I would attribute a vast amount of my percieved knowledgeability to this useful habit.

This article also served as a pleasant reminder of those moments when you read something particularly fascinating and begin to form connections that feel oh-so-impressive and genius in the moment. I often find that these moments are accompanied by audible exclamation of glee for me, haha!

Thanks for sharing :)



Content writer and published author in the plant-based health and wellness sphere. I’m just here to learn!

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